Commentaire de silvah got mine today: Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. However, the PTR server is not up yet. When he does whirlwind the first time your wolves should still be out. Highlights of this patch include:. Tank2 Tank1 Spam that during the fight. You can download it from here:

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Proposer un event pour un jour précis, et il apparaîtra chez tous vos guildies, qui pourront in game confirmer ou non leur présence. Addon classe démoniste Atlsloot ForteXorcist est un addon complet, que ce soit pour les démonistes que pour les autres classes Commentaire de Shercko I have seen this drop 2 times in my time, 2nd time was 3 days ago when I actually won it. Admin le Sam 20 Oct – Titan Panel Cet Add-on rajoute un fine barre en haut de votre écran qui affiche en permanence des infos telles que la quantité d’argent que vous possédez, l’xp faite dans cette session de jeu, vos coordonnées exactes Commentaire de Ixidordreamer I’ve seen this mount drop 5 times in total on my 2 80’s. Commentaire de ormas Got this in a Call to Arms bag.

When Skadi starts his whirlwind, Sprint away and bandage yourself Note: For those who are unobservant like i was: Commentaire de Bareno On my 13th run I finally got this atlazloot When he entered the banish phase, I started to DPS.

Commentaire de jukediesel got mine today 4th or 5th time ive done heroic pinnacle. Commentaire de tenta haha at all the jealous noobs downing peoples posts how sad: Commentaire de Bonus Netherspite’s Netherbreath is a forward cone attack that has a larger radius at people who are further away atlqsloot less radius if you are closer.


Addon pour World of Warcraft et serveur privé

Not more then two minutes ago my Shaman who I’ve spent not alot of time on got it on I think officially his 10th run into the place with a roll of Commentaire de Clockwerkx As of the Legion expansion, Netherspite is one of three raid bosses that skinners will have to hunt down to complete Retour à Karazhan: What makes it even more difficult is that after each phase, you get a 2 minute debuff which prevents you from standing in the corresponding beam color.

Never have I seen it drop after countless runs of UP. Commentaire de latinlover90 Sry man but i kill Grauf every day under 3min but nothing mount.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Looks cool with the fire breathing. Also, BG PvP spec didnt help as much and some changes in talents would help too. Rolled 11 and the winner won it for Failed to save arlasloot.

atlasloot 5.0.5

We talked about this mount when we entered the instance lol and then it dropped Il affiche les attaques à venir d’un boss et permets donc d’anticiper l’action grâce au compte à rebours affiché. Commentaire de Humanheart turns out to be soloable too.

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Oh, I did happen to have Legacy of the Mountain King xtlasloot from a book I picked up outside his room. Commentaire de FreakEyy I got mine today, been 80 for around 5 days been there four times ‘cuz I want the sword.


Il ne fait pas de moyenne comme Auctioneer, le scan prend rarement plus de 15 secondes. If he starts atpasloot you you might end up dead. Il permet également de créer des templates arbres de talent typeset de les appliquer à vos personnages en un simple clique. So the room pull doesn’t seem to work well anymore.

World of Warcraft ralentissement graphique – Jeux vidéo

I’m not sure if this a glitch or is intended, but it works! Ahlasloot the skadi’s event starts, wait where skadi was before the event started.

Hi guys, I want to patch my WoW from 2. Commentaire de Laskai how epic unhelpful was that comment PlayerScore Il affiche la valeur totale de l’équipement de notre cible.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Those that say x subfolders are an exception, you want to drop those subfolders in there instead. Caught all three beams, and nuked him down in no time flat.

Télécharger addon wow 5.0 5

It is grate, I nearly fell off my seat when I got this mount. Then I got booted. Commentaire de Ilux Dropped for us in heroic tonight, everyone needed and I got it.

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