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Roxy Wi-Fi is a Rock N Roll Band

The rock and roll genre of music originated in the middle of the twentieth century. A type of music comprised of simple melodies and heavy beats. The rock and roll and genre is a mixture of white country music and black rhythm blues. Roxy Wifi is a well-renowned rock band located in Melbourne, Australia.

The band consists of five members, Ron Kaos the vocalist and guitarist, Mars Marcos on drums, Talis on bass and finally Scott Maybe as the lead guitarist. The band came together in 2012 after performing a gig in West Hollywood, Calfornia. Their strength lies in their ability to melding old school rock music techniques into the new aged rock genre.

They made their debut performance at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar on June 2012, followed by their show at L.A.’s Sunset Strip, after which they made quite a name for themselves. The name of the band is quite odd and unusual. One day the band members were discussing the future of the band and trying to come up with a suitable name for it. They were at the Rainbow Bar when this conversation took place. The wifi coverage at the bar was named Free Roxy Wi-Fi. The band took it to fancy and adopted the name of the Wi-Fi. Hence, the name Roxy Wifi band came into existence.

The band is influenced form by the Foo Fighters and the Nirvana. The song “Waste My Time On You” was there  was their first solo production and won the hearts of millions all around the continent.

Needless to say, Roxy Wifi is heavily influenced by the other 90’s music bands. The band was started out of the blue. None of the future gigs were planned. The bass player, Talis, came across the other members of the band one day in the Rainbow bar and the grip just kicked off. It was during the Nirvana's unplugged song album release, that Talis got influenced and decided that he had to write songs, and set out on their journey to become a successful rock band. After their performance at the Whiskey Go Go,

they knew they had a bright future ahead.

The music they create is heavy and raw and it reminds a fellow rock lover of AC/DC, Foo Fighters, and Nirvana. The energetic live presence of the Roxy Wifi has a distinct intensity of them that is a shadow of the biggest names in rock. Although the band is just starting out, they have a promising future.