The Best Ways To Listen To Music In Your Bathroom

Music has that extra charisma of transforming any unpleasant mood into a very pleasant mood. Music is loved by almost everyone in the globe. But this busy life has killed so many interests due to lack of time and music is one of them. One possible free time in the whole day we have in this busy schedule, is during shower and what if this bathing time is utilised in a musical way? Yes perhaps am talking about listening to music when taking a bath. Read the content below to find out.

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Best Ways to Enjoy Music in the Shower:

  • Musical Showers: If you like to live that bit of extra luxury life then here’s something for you in store. Musical showers are one of the coolest ways to listen to music during shower. There are mp3 musical shower heads that can connect with your iPod or iPhone for playing music. Now experience a musical bath with musical mp3 shower fixtures.
  • Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers: There are some stunning waterproof Bluetooth speakers available in the market. They offer great sound quality and are also versatile. “Grace Digital ECOXBT” waterproof is one such speaker that gives you random 10 hours music play and has grabbing handles on both sides, which makes easy to hold.
  • iShower Bluetooth Speakers: Are you a bathroom singer? Then get ready for something exciting as the Bluetooth iShower speaker allows you to enjoy all your favourite music without making any of your tech devices soggy. The iShower lets the user stream any music to the Bluetooth speaker from any type of mobile phones. The iShower even has an access of pairing upto 5 different devices to let enjoy personal tracks of multiple users. It is a waterproof designed device that it keeps it dry and nice while you bath listening to your awesome tunes. 2.1 computer speaker is a good choice for this.
  • Waterproof phones: If musical shower heads and waterproof speakers seems a bit too out of your budget, well don’t be disappointed. Waterproof smart phones are out there now to solve this budget issue. Though they are rare in the market, yet the ones that are there can happily serve the purpose. They can be drowned in the water and still will survive. They can be used in the bathroom, just keep them on a shelf and enjoy your bath listening to music on it. Don’t worry about the splash of water hitting as its water-resistant.
  • Musical Curtain: Technology has made so many impossibilities into possibilities. Here it introduced a curtain with built in plug and speakers very much staying within water. To keep your device safe from water damage it has waterproof sealable pockets where you can place your device. The plugs are compatible with both android and iOS device. So, even if you are not an Apple user no worries.

Find out below what are the best ways to listen to music while you take a bath in the bathroom. Now never miss your favourite track because in the bathroom you have the ideal time to enjoy it whilst taking shower.

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Roxy Wi-Fi is a Rock N Roll Band

The rock and roll genre of music originated in the middle of the twentieth century. A type of music comprised of simple melodies and heavy beats. The rock and roll and genre is a mixture of white country music and black rhythm blues. Roxy Wifi is a well-renowned rock band located in Melbourne, Australia.

The band consists of five members, Ron Kaos the vocalist and guitarist, Mars Marcos on drums, Talis on bass and finally Scott Maybe as the lead guitarist. The band came together in 2012 after performing a gig in West Hollywood, Calfornia. Their strength lies in their ability to melding old school rock music techniques into the new aged rock genre.

They made their debut performance at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar on June 2012, followed by their show at L.A.’s Sunset Strip, after which they made quite a name for themselves. The name of the band is quite odd and unusual. One day the band members were discussing the future of the band and trying to come up with a suitable name for it. They were at the Rainbow Bar when this conversation took place. The wifi coverage at the bar was named Free Roxy Wi-Fi. The band took it to fancy and adopted the name of the Wi-Fi. Hence, the name Roxy Wifi band came into existence.

The band is influenced form by the Foo Fighters and the Nirvana. The song “Waste My Time On You” was there  was their first solo production and won the hearts of millions all around the continent.

Needless to say, Roxy Wifi is heavily influenced by the other 90’s music bands. The band was started out of the blue. None of the future gigs were planned. The bass player, Talis, came across the other members of the band one day in the Rainbow bar and the grip just kicked off. It was during the Nirvana's unplugged song album release, that Talis got influenced and decided that he had to write songs, and set out on their journey to become a successful rock band. After their performance at the Whiskey Go Go,

they knew they had a bright future ahead.

The music they create is heavy and raw and it reminds a fellow rock lover of AC/DC, Foo Fighters, and Nirvana. The energetic live presence of the Roxy Wifi has a distinct intensity of them that is a shadow of the biggest names in rock. Although the band is just starting out, they have a promising future.

Now You Can Become A Musician With Walk Band App

To get additional features, you need your android device to be rooted. You can easily root your app using Framaroot in just one click.
The boost in the recent field of technology has given the word innovation a whole new meaning. Long gone are the days of buying useless junks or even little tools that cost a fortune but come in handy only once every week. For example, a guitar tuner costs something around 400 bucks but you only need once a week maybe to tune your guitar. Well not anymore does one have to spend money on such things.

Nowadays guitar tuner apps can be downloaded on the mobile phones, and believe it or not, their work efficiency is at par with the ones that you find in the local musical shops. Similarly, many other musical instruments have wriggled their way into mobile phones. Nowadays, there are several applications that simulate guitars, pianos, drum kits, banjos and many other musical accessories. One does not have to go the shop, spend a few thousand bucks and buy an instrument. You can just download it from the play store. Although nobody can guarantee the same quality of sound owner gets from an actual instrument, as because the sound generated by the application is digital audio and will have its share of faults. Nonetheless, they are pretty decent for serious and casual musicians alike.

The Walk Band App is a similar application which shelters more than one musical accessory under its hood. Of all the various instruments available in the whole world, the application has chosen to make a collection of the most common instruments that newcomers opt for. It has the keyboard, guitar, drum kit, the drum machine and the bass guitar.


The keyboard is also a collection of instruments of similar mechanism. It has the acoustic version of a piano, the music organ, and also a synthesizer. It also has a music box variant that can be found in many toys. Each of the modes produces different types of sounds. Switching is quite easy. The options bar can be selected for the top right section. Once tapped, the user will be presented with all the musical instrument variations to choose from.


Most of the newcomer to the music world opt for the guitar. The core reason being it looks cool, but only a few stick to the learning curve and many just swerve away. There are tons of guitar plugin available in this app. There are three pre-installed plugins, the normal acoustic guitar with steel and nylon string variation and the electric guitar. Once again, since all the sounds are digitally generated they may not be as accurate as the real thing, but are close enough, considering you are getting them for free. Aside from this, there are many other plugins available such s the sitar and various other

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is another variant of the normal guitar, but it is available in a separate section, as a four- stringed instrument. The three mods that are available are the acoustic bass, picked bass and also bass, each having a sound of their own.

Drum Kit

The name says it all. The drum kit consists of a drum set just waiting to be beaten away. There are five drums with one base drum and four cymbals along with a hand slap sound. The users can play the set either by directly tapping on the instruments or they can switch to a four by three grid where all the instruments of the sets will be drawn for easier playability. The default drum sets contain jazz, dance, hip-hop, rock and percussion types of sounds.

The Drum Machine

The drum machine is a unique and innovative of playing the drum. The screen is divided into 12*12 square grids. The columns indicate the instruments and the rows represent the duration for which the instrument will be played. For example, if you tap two consecutive rows, the selective instrument in that row will sound twice.


This is the app is very much innovative and useful in the right hands. Also, the app has its own sets of tutorials for the beginners who are just trying out the new instruments. Any way you slice it, The Walk Band app is super useful and will lead anyone to become a musical genius, should they decide to sincerely dedicate themselves to learning it.


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